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10x AG11 Battery 1.5V Button Alkaline

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    AG11 Button Alkaline Battery – Pack of 10

    The strip of batteries is supplied on a perforated card mounting with ten individually blister-packed new batteries.

    The miniature, single-use and disposable AG11 batteries are frequently used in the smallest electronic devices, such as small watches, laser pointers, children’s books and medical testing devices. In some applications, they are fitted in series.

    • Voltage: 1.5V
    • Capacity: 20mAh
    • Chemistry: Alkaline
    • Dimensions: Diameter 7.9mm Height 2.1mm
    • Rechargeable: No

    May also be known as:

    SR721SW, SR58, SR721, SB-AK/DK, 280-29, S, V362, D362, 601, S721E, GP362, AG11, AG-11, 362, SG11, 362A, SR720, 362X, 362/361, RW310, L721, LR721, SB-AK, E362, 62A, 362, SP362, 362-1W, 361, D361, LR58, SR58L, TR721, G11, G11A, 162, GP62, 280-29; SB-AK; SB-D, RW310, S12.

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