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1x CR2477 Battery 3V Coin Lithium

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    CR2477 Battery 3V Coin Lithium – Pack of 5

    For your compatible high-demand small electronics, this single-use cell provides unmatched length of service under load. Because its chemistry is lithium based, it’s very lightweight and also has an extremely long shelf life. You can keep a spare in storage for years and it will still be ready to provide more than enough power when needed.

    • Voltage: 3V
    • Capacity: 1000mAh
    • Chemistry: Lithium
    • Dimensions: Diameter 24mm Height 7.7mm
    • Rechargeable: No

    May also be known as:

    2477, BR2477, BR2477N, BR2477-1W, BR2477N-1W, CR2477N, CR2477T, DL2477, DL2477N, ECR2477, ECR2477N, KCR2477, KCR2477N, LITH-32, LITH32PANA, LM2477, LM2477N, P120ND.

    Check out the CR2477 on Wikipedia

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