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5x CR1225 Battery 3V Coin Lithium


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    CR1225 Battery – Pack of 5

    The CR1225 is a coin shaped non-rechargeable battery that can be used for pagers and security devices. Its lithium chemistry aids in producing the steady 3v nominal voltage and 50mAh typical capacity which is rated as 45K ohms at 21°C. It can also support pulsating power demand typical of devices like keyless entry kits and a number of security devices.

    • Voltage: 3V
    • Capacity: 50mAh
    • Chemistry: Lithium
    • Dimensions: Diameter 12.5mm Height 2.5mm
    • Rechargeable: No

    May also be known as:

    DL1225, ECR1225, BR1225, DL1225B, BR1225-1W, CR1225-1W, KCR1225, LM1225, EBR1225, V1225, 5020LC, L30, ECR1225EN, LITH52.

    Check out the CR1225 on Wikipedia

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